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About Senpy

Senpy is a framework to build semantic sentiment and emotion analysis services. It leverages a mix of web and semantic technologies, such as JSON-LD, RDFlib and Flask.

Senpy makes it easy to develop and publish your own analysis algorithms (plugins in senpy terms).

This website is the senpy Playground, which allows you to test the instance of senpy in this server. It provides a user-friendly interface to the functions exposed by the senpy API.

Once you get comfortable with the parameters and results, you are encouraged to issue your own requests to the API endpoint. You can find examples of API URL's when you try out a plugin with the "Analyse!" button on the "Test it" tab.

These are some of the things you can do with the API:

Senpy is a research project. If you use it in your research, please cite:
Senpy: A Pragmatic Linked Sentiment Analysis Framework.
Sánchez-Rada, J. F., Iglesias, C. A., Corcuera, I., & Araque, Ó.
In Data Science and Advanced Analytics (DSAA),
2016 IEEE International Conference on (pp. 735-742). IEEE.
If you are new to senpy, you might want to read senpy's documentation
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The following plugins are available in this instance:
Select the plugin.
Plugin extra parameters

Automatically evaluate the classification performance of your plugin in several public datasets, and compare it with other plugins.

The datasets will be automatically downloaded if they are not already available locally. Depending on the size of the dataset and the speed of the plugin, the evaluation may take a long time.

Select the plugin.
Select the dataset.


Plugin Dataset Accuracy Precision_macro Recall_macro F1_macro F1_weighted F1_micro F1